We present HOPE OF HUMANITY, a third-person single-player RPG. Witness a world with no humans, when for a hundred years people have been an extinct race. Head a troop or go it alone. Reestablish the truce between all races, returning, return, the former greatness of the humans or defeat them, it's up to you to decide!
Three races, three backstories for the main character, an unexpected quest resolution and multiple ending choices in a world full of magic.
Game Engine: Unreal Engine 5
Estimated release date: 2023-2024
Plates: PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S/X



As the right hand of King Adam I, the last king of Men, participate in the protection of the last bastion of Men in the Fortress of Crosses. Assist the people to escape and assume the charge of restoring the People to their former glory.


As part of the first subjugated elven people, the Enakurites (higher elves), you have been enslaved to slavery, but in the end you have served your freedom and lower soldier rank by taking part in the first campaigns of the Great War. Manage a small army and take a part in the storming of the Fortress of Crosses.


You are the mercenary of the Dwarf Squad that stands against the Humans in the Great War. Together with a squad of skilled mercenaries, you must join the company of Elves and destroy the tower.

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The largest city of Humans is Colmist

It is in the middle of the mainland, between the mountains' rifts. The biggest city in number of human per cent of locals. Survived a large number wars due to a favorable strategic location. Shields with the emblem of the king, Charles VI, are on the walls. The building density is high and there is a swordsmanship academy.

The capital of the elves - Teles

A large city situated in the south-west of the continent by the sea. The city is inhabited mostly with elves who are involved in farming and construction. The city towers, city gates, and walls bear the symbol of the magical crystal. The city appears magnificent, yet unapproachable, having been built at the beginning of the elven civilization. This town worships the elf god and the founder of their civilization. It is very heavily populated, the density of construction of the city extremely high. The merchants are well settled, with wood, furs, and fabric selling particularly well in the marketplace. The biggest port on the continent is a key selling point. There is an academy of magic in the city. Near it is one of the wonders in the world, Elichard Falls, famous for the "Battle of Elichard".

The capital of the dwarves is Bavoril

Mountain to the north, with dwarf-built columns of pure obsidian that are a wonder of the world. The mountain is filled with gigantic mines spread over a hundred kilometers. The town is inhabited mostly by dwarves, who export everything mined and crafted to humans and elves.

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Hope of Humanity is more than 150 hours of full-player gameplay and a strong urge to restart to dive back into this unbelievable experience. Whether you're a villain or a hero, the creator or the savior of the world - you choose your part and live an adventure full of life with your character, sharpening your skills, mastering your weapons and trying your strength against the most unbelievable odds.
On top of that, you will be treated very differently depending on which race you are. You will have a very different attitude from npc of other races.

The World

The world of Hope of Humanity is wonderful and varied in game will be more than 50 varieties of fauna. Besides, there are a variety of locations with secrets, and live, prescribed characters with whom you will be able to interact.

Combat system
Бои в Hope of Humanity реалистичны и зрелищны. Базируются на реальных боевых школах фехтования Европы.
У игрока есть выбор между двумя вариантами ведения боя.
1) Classic - like the gameplay of classic isometric RPG.
Choose a skill with the help of the mouse and attack the enemy.
2) Standard - Standard for third person games, with quitting, counterattacks and finishing.

RPG system

In total in the game there are three skill branches, and a branch of expertise, which you get only after training from specialist teachers, trained by them you can either for a fee, and for completing their quest. After obtaining a high level you have a skill, that you can spend on rolling skills, that are in skill branches, such as fencing, armor, class branch (they are different depending on the class), and as specialization.

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